Blogroll update #4

It took me longer than I expected but here it is: another blogroll update.

As always, the complete list here: links

Ronnie LutesRSS
Ronnie has a podcast and a blog. Everyone should check it out and read the gem that is the post about ancient… well, I won’t spoil it for you. Go and read it yourself.

Scott WillseyRSS
He talks about automation and geekiness for both Mac and iOS platforms – Shortcuts, apps, secret terminal incantations, and more.

Francesco PuppoRSS
A UX design manager living in Amsterdam with absolutely amazing website. I think he’s a good UX design manager, judging on his website.

Mark HystedRSS
Let’s check his bio… “Engineer by training, project manager by early career.” Hmmm, am I reading about myself?! And he’s into minimalism. I like him.

Lev Lazinskiy RSS
A techie writing about… a lot of non-techie topics, which I absolute like. Plus some technology related stuff. Well, his website is a bit eclectic and everyone loves eclectic sites, right?