Blogroll update #1

I updated my links page today, about 30 new feeds have been added. I’m not cruel, so you’ll only find the ones I’ve added below. The full list can be found here:

Alison WilderRSS
A musician, technologist and entrepreneur. She has an unhealthy obsession with how the brain works, especially with regard to music, and an even unhealthier need to learn by experience.

Andy writes about… everything. Travels, video games, technology, his musings on life and whatever happens. I really like such eclectic blogs.

Annelies KamranRSS
She is a teacher, a digital publishing professional and an interdisciplinary multilingual academic with years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research, analysis, and writing in international relations.

Ben GillamRSS
It’s a relatively new blog with only a few posts, but I like reading Ben’s thoughts and I hope I’ll motivate him to write more. Hello Ben!

Ben SahlmüllerRSS
Ben is German living in Taipei. He is a researcher, independent consultant/coach, and photographer. He’s focusing on psychology and his blog has a lot of photos!

Brandon WritesRSS
He writes about movies, other times technology, sometimes fitness, there is no real theme on his blog, just a normal guy chatting about life.

Chris JonesRSS
A web developer during the day. He’s been known to listen to music, take photographs, and read books. He loves to hike and travel. It has been said that he doesn’t give himself enough credit, so I’d like to give him credit.

Darren SaundersRSS
Darren has written only two posts, but I hope he’ll write more. I liked what I read.

Gareth SouthwellRSS
A writer, illustrator and philosopher who lives in South Wales in the UK.He’s been involved with philosophy for over thirty years, is the author of numerous books on the subject, and has a PhD on the subject of “death”.

Garrit FrankeRSS
A software developer who writes not only about software. A lot of thoughts that I agree with.

Greg MorrisRSS
A designer, marketing manager and business digital development lead for a small insurance company specialising in niche cover. He spent many years developing disability focused policies and helping a wide selection of companies improve their physical accessibility and digital offerings to those that require a bit more help.

James Cridland RSS
Editor of Podnews, the daily podcast newsletter. He is a radio futurologist – a writer, consultant and public speaker on radio’s future. James has worked in audio since 1989 as an award-winning copywriter, radio presenter, and internet strategist.

Jason RodriguezRSS
A slightly jaded, somewhat pessimistic—but ultimately hopeful—tech worker.

Joe BrockmeierRSS
Open source, technology and IndieWeb, so basically everything I like to read about recently. Oh, and also – the name of the blog.

J.P. WingRSS
Very personal blog written by an extremely nice folk. This is the type of blogs I miss the most.

Mark Levison RSS
Mark writes mostly about work, managing teams and scrum. And as I dislike all agile methodologies, I like what he writes and I agree with most of his thoughts.

Matt OwensRSS
A software engineer, musician, and man with many hobbies. His interests in technology relate to machine learning, self-hosted projects, and the role of technology in social good. Some of those hobbies include cooking, cycling, watching motorsports, and racing cars on the internet.

Matthew GrayboschRSS
A writer and musician by choice, a programmer by necessity, and a metalhead by the grace of the witch. He currently tinkers with his website, so the feed can be non-functional, but it’s worth checking from time to time, because Matthew writes great posts.

Michael Tsai RSS
A software developer, an author of a few Mac apps. He writes mainly about Apple.

Mike HaynesRSS
He writes about pixels, code and coffee. He is a Senior Product Designer and hobbyist Front-End Developer.

Mike MorrisRSS
Mike tries to fix the world, tilts at windmills, falls, fails, and writes what he thinks about it all.

Mischa van den BurgRSS
An Azure Cloud Engineer, plant-based runner, recovering addict with 5.5 years of sobriety. He writes about personal interests.

Neven FalicaRSS
This website is a joint work of three people (Neven Falica, Vedran Falica and Morana Marušić). I don’t know all of them, but I do know Neven.

Nick JordanRSS
He is very interested in the ways in which the Internet is changing the way we work, communicate and play together, and he loves finding cool new online services to play with.

Ovi LiberRSS
An independent security researcher. He writes about hacking, security research and human rights. He mostly covers advanced persistent threats, hostile governments, surveillance, privacy violations & corporate greed.

Paul McBrideRSS
A software developer and instructor who loves using code to solve problems and bring ideas to life!

Philip Mallegol-HansenRSS
He spents his time on tinkering with new technologies, writing software to scratch some personal itch, contributing to open source software for the public good, or otherwise thinking about how software is changing the world.

Rob MiddletonRSS
An abstract painter, writer & humanist in Jacksonville, Florida. He works to promote emotional wellness for himself & all others

Warner CrockerRSS
Musings on life, the theatre, technology, culture and the occasional emu sighting.

Zachary Flower RSS
A public journal of a bit enigmatic folk. I don’t know much about him, but his thoughts are interesting!