Mankind has chosen the path of self-destruction. It is clear now. We have given away our fate to those who believe in money. And nothing else. We have chosen comfort. We have chosen oblivion. We have chosen ignorance.

Now it is too late. Now we have to deal with the world we helped build. It wasn’t us who laid the foundations. But it was we who were silent when they did. It wasn’t us who destroyed the climate. But it was we who chose the comfort of doing so. It wasn’t us who killed innocents because they were different. But it was we who turned their faces away as they beat them.

Now it is too late, and now is the time to act. It’s too late and it doesn’t matter. It is too late and we must act. Before then there will be no one to help us.

Rich will be more wealthy. Mighty will be more powerful. Greedy will be more craving. They won’t save us. How can they when they don’t even see us?! And even if they do see us, they won’t save us, because saving us means giving up profits. No, they won’t save us. Not in wealth nor in faith is our hope. Not in power nor in might is our hope.

We are the hope. Our will to change, our courage to act, our ability to love. There are things we all forget about. It is vulnerability. It is tenderness. It is sensitivity.

It is empathy.

Easy choice is cruelty. Egoism comes easily as well. And hatred.

It takes a lot to rise above own ego. Above divisions. Above differences. It takes a lot of energy and time and it doesn’t pay off. Doesn’t it? To see how important it is, we have to look further and wider.

The only hope we have left is us. Together. Thousands of people working together towards a common goal. As the community. Millions of the communities working together toward a common goal. As humanity.

We are different. Yet, we have one home. We are different, yet, we have the same dream.

We want to live. We want to love. We want to be.