My place

Today it is time to show you something unusual. My workstation. A few days ago I wrote a post describing my software tools, now I’d like to share the hardware part. My setup.

First the close-up. This is how I work, and these are the tools I use. There’s a HomePod mini, two Mandalorian Lego sets, Magic Keyboard, trackpad and mouse, MagSafe charger, AirPods Max, iPad Pro 11“ (3rd generation), Studio Display, and MacBook Pro 13” (the first M1 version).

That’s it, nothing else is allowed on the desk, on the wall, or near me when I’m working. At the moment I use almost exclusively digital tools and all documents are in digital formats. Anything that arrives in paper form is immediately scanned, digitized and placed in the appropriate folder. It’s the same with the digital desktop – it’s an inbox, and I store things there, but only temporarily. Nothing permanent can be put on the desktop.

I’m in the process of preparing the “What I Use” page, where I want to write more about my reasons and why I use the things I use, but that will take some time. For now, I wanted to share pictures that I think complement the posts about my digital setup. Hardware is inevitably tied to software.

I have another photo for you today, it’s the same spot with a wider angle.

This is the place. My place. This is where I do my work. It’s nothing fancy and I have no aspirations to make it fancy. The most expensive thing in my setup right now is the Studio Display. My eyes have special needs and I invested in a monitor that doesn’t hurt them. I’m glad I did. Studio Display has its own flaws, but the display – the panel – is outstanding. Best monitor I have ever used. That’s not to say it’s the best monitor ever, but it was worth the price – to me. The rest is just Ikea stuff, and it wasn’t very expensive.

The desk isn’t white, it’s more light gray, but it has bright colors, which I love, it helps me focus. To my right there’s a big panoramic window, and behind me…

Both chairs, the lamp and the desk are Ikea products and they work well for me. I’m thinking about getting a better desk chair, mainly because of my back, but the one I already have is in good shape and I don’t like to throw out things that still work.