You have come to the right place if you need support in the area of team, project or process management. If you need help – feel free to contact me. In the “experience” tab you can read more about what projects I have done, what teams I have managed and what problems I have solved.

How can I help you or your company?

  • Management. I manage projects in every industry, from construction to marketing to IT. I lead teams small, large, single and multi-discipline, local and remote.
  • Consulting. In terms of processes and procedures and tools to facilitate team, project, self time management processes.
  • Analysis. I will prepare a complete analysis of your needs in terms of management processes and offer you the appropriate tools.
  • Implementation. I will help you implement any tools you need. These can be applications that I will propose myself at the analysis stage, but they can also be ones that you want to implement.
  • Training. I can prepare and deliver training for you or your team both on the management itself and on how to use the tools.

Email me – let me know what I can help you with: