Thoughts #2

Another mind dump. It doesn’t mean I will publish those daily. It means I have a lot to share now and I may be silent for weeks ahead. Time will show. I could have planned those and publish them for a few weeks, but I don’t have to. I don’t earn money on this blog so I don’t have to care about regular „content” publishing and keeping the audience interested. I don’t have the audience, I have friends. It means I’m going to flood your RSS readers for a few days and then go dark for a few weeks. Moreover, those thought are relevant now but they can be outdated in a few weeks. I change my mind quite often and I’m wrong even more often.

  1. When I started a blog, I made a decision that I don’t want to have any statistics. I don’t know how many people „follow” or read what I have to say. I’m glad I did it that way. Having followers counter on social media isn’t healthy for my mind.
  2. Writing my thoughts here is comparable to sitting in small kitchen with a friend, while writing them on Mastodon is like visiting a busy lobby of the hotel. Nothing wrong with lobbies, there are great folks to meet and inspiring conversations to have. But relationships starts in lobbies and develops in kitchens.
  3. I’m struggling with finding new music. I’m stuck in somewhere between the 60s and 90s and I can’t get out of it. I don’t like current music no matter how hard I try.
  4. It’s not a coincidence I don’t touch any topic related with AI here, and I barely touch anything related to tech in general. I don’t want to give tech bros more attention they deserve. Moreover, I think they already have too much of it.
  5. I’m in the process of further simplifying my tools. This include canceling some domains, I think I’ll land with only two in the end: this one and the one with .pl at the end of the address. That’s all, two blogs, nothing less, nothing more.
  6. I love simplicity. Not even minimalism, but simplicity. Minimalism can be complicated. Many people I’ve seen doing overcomplicated minimalism. The power is in simplicity.
  7. Accepting the fact that I’ll never finish my workflow setup is freeing. Looking for a new ways of doing things is my hobby at this point, but in the whole process I haven’t lost the most important part: doing things.