Thoughts #3

I’m not sure how long this streak will last, but I really enjoy writing those. I do it during the day in different circumstances and I’m not editing them later.

  1. I’ve seen so many keynotes, workshops and presentations how to implement the culture, the culture change, the change – and go on – and yet I haven’t seen any implemented and working solution in the real life.
  2. It took me a lot of time to learn how to ask for help. I can accept it, when someone responds to my question. But I’m still struggling when someone is offering me their help without me asking first.
  3. It’s cold today in Warsaw. „Feels like” temperature was around -7oC at the morning (about 19F) and yet, a lot of people wore clothes totally not suitable fos such weather. I hope they all had a better reason than looking nice.
  4. Resolute actions and the ability to make quick decisions are very important. But quick doesn’t mean instant, and resolute doesn’t mean mindless. Time for thinking is never wasted as long as there is any output from thinking.
  5. I have recently understood (well, I was made aware) that people think the tools and techniques can replace relationships and connections in leadership roles. They think that soft competences and technical skills are interchangeable. I strongly disagree but at least I know why we have so huge leadership crisis.
  6. We’ve been convinced that we should monetize everything we do. But is there really a need to monetize everything? It’s fine to just have a hobby, to do things because we like doing it. I’m terrified by the thought that every moment of my day I spend making money…
  7. It hurts me so much every time I see people who are mean for each other. Being kind can change so much and there’s so much evil all around us. I see no reason to generate even more.
  8. Another technology won’t save us from the current one, it’s going to introduce new problems, that’s all. Rejecting any technology also isn’t the answer. The answer is to listen to others, to build real connections and simply to love. Well, at least, I think so.
  9. The complexity of the world is so big and the number of connections is so huge that it can be overwhelming. I can understand people who seek for simple answers and I’m trying not to judge those who fall in a trap of a cognitive convenience. I’m trying to, it doesn’t mean I am.