Thoughts #4

  1. So many interpersonal problems could be avoided if people knew how to communicate with each others. The world would have been a better place if we all had been taught how to communicate with each other. Communicate, no only talk.
  2. I’ve seen a few times recently some advices from companies and consultants why it’s better to choose B2B contracts in place of permanent employment contracts. They said former have all benefits of employment contracts but with higher salary due to lower taxes. Well, it’s literally tax crime here in Poland. And younger people happily use this advice, not being aware of what risks they take on themselves. I know some folks prefer to earn more but from business I would expect more.
  3. There’s is a lot of beautiful things all around us. One of them are colorful autumn fallen leaves. Today I have discovered that they’re even more gorgeous when covered with frost.
  4. Everyone’s life would be better if people had learned how to deal with their ego. So many problems, miscommunication and conflicts starts because someone’s ego was hurt.
  5. I’m learning that every moment, all circumstances, all situations in which I am may have something good for me. I’m learning that I can find happiness inside myself despite everything outside me. Life wasn’t easy in last years, but I survived and everything’s different now, however a lot of things is better. Which seemed impossible at the time. Lesson learned.
  6. Small things make difference. Sometimes the tiniest detail can change the reception of everything. It doesn’t mean that we should over-focus on details and forget about the big picture. It means that sometimes a small change can bring a huge difference. It means that it’s always worth to change whatever we can change.
  7. Limiting news intake and social media was one of the best decisions I made. I’m often bored recently and not having a timeline to scroll means I must find other things to do. Being more active on this blog is one of the outcomes.
  8. Speaking about timelines. Mastodon app on iPad show „load more” button after few posts, which is a design decision I think. But hitting the „load more” button makes an app crash. That’s definitely a bug. Which I consider a feature now. I cannot read more than 20 – 30 entries every time I open the app and after the crash I’m effectively discouraged from opening it again.