Thoughts #6

  • I’m getting less and less interested in technology. I thought about myself as a geek but I think it’s not true anymore.
  • I’m looking for a new blogs to follow and I struggle. Every time i find a blogroll or an opml file it’s full of dead feeds (not updated for a few years) or a lot of tech blogs which I don’t want to add.
  • I like writing in English. I don’t know why but I prefer it over writing in Polish. And it doesn’t matter if I’m good at it or not.
  • I wonder how many new mastodon users are going to stay longer than a few days…
  • Reading about the next data leaks made me thinking if we really need to use so many (online) services. Every system has vulnerabilities and every service we use is another risk that our data will be compromised. Including medical information or very intimate details.
  • It’s easy to tell people “stop doing this”, “start doing that”, every one can say such things. The problem is that people do things because of reasons and sometimes something small for us is a huge effort for someone else who’s dealing with some shit like trauma.
  • I was afraid to publish the last post here. I though – and I still think – it’s too personal and too dark. But that’s also life and someone has to speak up. Also, not everything in life is positive and sometimes there’s no happy end.
  • I have a bit „opinionated” approach to all AI tools. I don’t use them. I don’t accept the argument that they allow to do things faster. If I don’t have a time to do something, I don’s ask a machine to do it instead of me, I just don’t do it at all.