Thoughts #7

  • I’ve seen lately, that it’s more and more popular for a lot of folks to think about projects in the IT category. There’s a whole world outside the IT industry, and there are also projects out there. Bigger, more ambitious, more complex projects, where IT methodologies and tools are just toys.
  • Ask more. Talk less.
  • I think I gave up with my tries to build a community on other platforms. I’m going to stay mainly here and I wish more people would engage using blogs.
  • There is a rich guy, who leads a company which has a history of exploiting everything. And the guy has just made a promise to join an open and independent protocol. And suddenly a lot of folks are delighted about the great future of the open standard. Like the past hasn’t happened at all.
  • One more thing. I thought that independent social media was supposed to be an alternative and serve to build and maintain relationships between people. That here constant growth and scaling are not needed because that is not the point of their existence. I’m afraid I was wrong and naive again.
  • Given the above, please consider contacting me by the email. I made a mistake in the past and didn’t ask some folks for their email address back then, in the forums era and I still regret.
  • People aren’t looking for a privacy in the social media. They’re looking for the content and it’s time for some folks to understand that. People don’t care about lack or existence of the algorithm, they don’t care about their data, they even don’t care about their friends being there or not. They care about entertaining content produced by content creators
  • From the other hand, I don’t believe Threads will destroy independent social media, because why? I strongly believe they will destroy themselves, because money and power are strong factors nobody should ignore. When they appear, even idealists tend to forget about ideas.