Thoughts #8

  • There are so many thoughts in my head and so few words to express them. I’ve been struggling with this for a few weeks now, so I decided to try this format again. Maybe some of these thoughts aren’t really worthy of a full post. We’ll see.
  • During my last journey trough the internet I’ve found a project, a site, which collects uses pages, similar to the one I have on top of this site. I wanted to add my own page there and I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to do so. The GitHub account was necessary and I don’t have one anymore. Well, I had one, but it doesn’t exist anymore. But even when I had it, I didn’t know how to add a commit to the GitHub project. So I stared for a while at the list and I gave up.
  • I checked almost every page I found there. Almost every folk had in the profile description words like „software”, „a developer”, „an engineer”, „engineering”, „a programmer” or combination of those. I’m sure every one of them was a great folk, worth reading and worth meeting. I’ve added no one to my RSS reader. I wish I found more blogs from people who aren’t in a tech bubble.
  • We convince ourselves that having blog is an easy thing and everyone should blog. It’s not true. I wish it would, but it’s not. Not everyone can have a blog, it’s difficult to build one and it takes money to build and maintain it. Some people really don’t have any basic skill set and don’t even understand what „a domain” is. If they want to connect with others they have no real option other than big techs. It’s a shame.
  • I have in mind people who really know nothing about technology, they know how to open FB Messenger and Instagram. And that’s the majority of people, unfortunately, and there’s nothing wrong with them. They have other skills, but they also have the right to not be exploited and tracked, even if they don’t care. The problem is not with people who don’t have a blog and use Instagram instead, the problem is with those who built Instagram that way. Let’s start by pointing out the real culprits, it’s not the victims’ fault that they’re victims.
  • Every time a new communication app appears I wish it’s going to be the one I would use to talk with friends and family, and it’s not. I can’t push myself to trust companies that are flirting with blockchain or that are build by crypto bros, or that are fine with fascists using their tool to earn money. So every time I’m back to the most basic ones.
  • We are used to think that corporations are exploiting us, but it’s time to see people behind those „companies”. We are exploited by people, not companies, companies are virtual creations without a mind, or a soul or a free will. Evil people make evil companies.
  • I’ve been looking for my place and my community for some time, and I want to believe I found it. I found people who think like me and who have the same values I have. Those people I want to call my friends and I do that. Those people I will miss when they’re gone, so I try to talk with them regularly using channels that I hope will thrive. I don’t have this confidence about Mastodon.
  • With every one of my friends I try to stay in touch using at least two separate communication channels, because I value those people and my relationship with them. I value them and my relationship with them, not the tool we use to communicate. It’s all about people, it always was.