This page is a collection of my values that guide me in my life, both personally and professionally. They are divided into two parts. Part one is my core values, things that form the basis of my moral compass and characteristics on which I have built myself. Part two is more mundane and relates to how this site works and more broadly – me on the internet.

Part 1. Core values

Things that are basis of my beliefs.


Everyone deserve to be free, to have a right to decide about themselve and nobody, absolutely nobody have a right to take freedom from anyone.


World is a big place, and there’s a place for anyone. Nothing good resulted from the war but death, pain and misery.


We’re all equal. There’s no factor that makes anyone better than anyone else. I don’t want to point out any special features here because there are so many and I don’t want to miss anything. We’re all equal and in my company everyone is always treated with respect.


We’re equal, but we’re different. And that’s a great thing, and I wish I had many, many different people. I think there’s great power in diversity. Being around people who are different is a great opportunity to learn and grow.


We are all worthy. We all deserve respect. We all deserve dignity.


So that we can all be human to each other. Live and let others live.

Part 2. Rules and policies

Things that define how I function on the internet.

Tracking and data

I do not track or collect any data. None. Your data belongs to you and should remain so. This website does not contain any tracking elements, even if they were to collect visitor statistics – including, and perhaps especially, Google Analytics. It doesn’t. And it won’t. This means, of course, that I don’t know how many people visit this site, and I don’t want to know.

Advertisements and cooperation

As with the trackers – there are and will never be any advertisements on this site. There will also be no sponsored posts or various collaborations. This is a place where I want to share my knowledge and experience without being paid for it. My source of income is a full-time job, so this site will always be independent from the influence of advertisers and partners. This also allows me to not worry about traffic or clicks and gives me full freedom to publish author content and my own opinions.

Comments and graphics

The comment system is turned off – not because I’m afraid of discussion, but because comment systems collect personal data that I don’t want to manage. They are also an open door for spambots, which only WordPress plugins can stop, and I don’t want plugins. I want this site to be as simple and lightweight as possible, to work on any hardware and with any internet connection. This site loads under 200kB of data according to the Pingdom test, which I consider good enough. It could be better if I ditched WordPress and built a static site, but then maintaining it would take up time I would rather spend creating content. That’s why I found a minimalist site, without plugins and fancy themes (and graphics), built on WordPress to be a reasonable compromise. Although graphics may appear if I decide at some point that I want to share photos I have taken or creative work that is not text. Or if the article needs to be illustrated with a diagram or sketch.

Frequency of publication

It will be very irregular. This is not my source of income, but an after-hours activity to make me happy. Therefore, I will not stick to a schedule or research when is the best time to publish a text to increase visibility and reach. Sometimes there will be a couple of posts a week, but I expect there will be months without a post. That doesn’t mean I’ve killed the project. When I shut down an activity, I do it effectively and to the end – it will be the same with this blog. I will simply remove it from the web without a trace. As long as it exists – I will continue to maintain it and even after a long period of silence, something new may emerge. I recommend an RSS feed reader. Maybe one day I’ll introduce a newsletter, but that’s a song of the future, because I don’t see the point of doing it for one reader, which is myself.

A free web

I want to create the kind of network I would like to see myself. Free, open, accessible to everyone. Without millions of sponsored posts, without suspicion of lack of objectivity. Without overloading websites with megabytes of advertising data. Without stealing (yes, stealing!) user data. With the right to privacy and liberty. This is the network I want to be a part of. This is the network I want to contribute to.


I will not forbid anyone to take anything from this site and do anything with it. I could warn and threaten, but then I’d be unhappy because I’d never know anyway. And all in all… I don’t see anything wrong with it. I share ideas. Ideas cannot be stolen. In fact, I wish my ideas could be passed on, I think the world would be a slightly better place. If you want to take my ideas and sign your name to them – go ahead. It is your conscience and your conscience alone. If you take something from me and sign our names – I will be more than happy to build a better world together.