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Manager with experience in leading teams and projects, which I gained while working in multinational corporations. I have led projects worth several million euros and teams of dozens of people.

I have led people through organisational change and managed distributed teams. I have also been involved in leading transformation projects within organisations. I have experience in sales and marketing. I have prepared strategic plans for teams of several dozen people and then implemented them in the organisation. The construction, IT, industrial and marketing sectors are familiar to me, but I believe that design is governed by the same laws regardless of the sector. I am confident that my experience will be of use to you, regardless of the industry in which your company operates.

Agile and waterfall processes have no secrets from me. I believe that only the synergy of both approaches allows projects to be delivered in an optimal way.

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My mission

Delivering projects and educating to build a management culture open about respect and collaboration.

My approach and values

  • Done is better than perfect. this is no accident that I chose the name make it done. I believe that projects must be delivered and perfection in real life – does not exist. This absolutely does not mean condoning mediocrity. It doesn’t. I care about the details, because the details make the whole, but I don’t allow the pursuit of perfection to get the process stuck.
  • Minimalism is the basis of being effective in every aspect of life, in the approach to management – also. I’ve seen too many tools and procedures that no one understands or uses to offer you one. Minimalism.
  • Honesty, accountability and transparency are the conditions for cooperation. I explain and openly present each step of the cooperation, support each analysis with data and explain it to the client. If I lack experience or competence in a certain area – I will make it clear and refer you to the right person.