Blogroll update #5

Another update.

As always, the complete list here: links

I also made a downloadable opal file, which is here and on the links page.

Mia FaithRSS
A rarely updated blog, which is a huge shame. Mia writes about psychology and experiences. A lot. Beautiful.

Gersande La FlecheRSS
Blog about life from a writer and who lives in Montréal. She thinks aloud on writing, dance, books, games, and of course, tea.

Oliver PifferiRSS
A blog from a convinced -Fanboy, who loves Metal of all kind, Travelling, Photographing, Reading and Blogging.

Vikrant SinghRSS
Tech blog from Vikrant who lives in Sydney and work in Data and IT for his day job. He writes about a spectrum of topics.

Andre FrancaRSS
A personal blog from Andre who writes about things he loves and his thoughts on different topics, specially technology, of which he’s a great enthusiast.