I was told that everyone should have a list of things they use, so here is mine. What’s important is that this list is Apple-centric. That doesn’t mean I’m a fanboy – some people will think that – it means I like consistency between my tools and I like Apple’s design in both hardware and software categories. That said, if one day I have to move on and choose other tools, I won’t regret it.
Also, I use a really small amount of tools. I don’t like to have too many things, and I really need to use something if I’m going to add it to this list.


  • MacBook Pro M1 (2020, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, space gray) – it is the very basic version of the very first M1 MacBook. It’s a great laptop, which serves me well. I work with this machine and it helps me being productive and producing things. At home accompanied by Magic Accessories.
  • iPad Pro M1 11’ (3rd generation, 128GB RAM, space gray) – I use iPad for almost everything when at home and at the office that isn’t strictly work. I have also Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard to further increase its capabilities.
  • iPhone 14 Pro (2022, 128GB, black) – my phone, my camera, my on the road notebook, my center of command, the second important thing after my brain.
  • Studio Display – I am in love with this monitor. My eyes are thanking me everyday when I must work. And every other day when I want to watch a movie.
  • HomePod Mini – I have two of them, one in my studio, the second one in bedroom. This time used mostly as intercom and for playing podcasts in the background.
  • AirPods Max – my main headphone proudly resting on the Mandalorian Lego set when not used.
  • AirPods Pro (1st generation) – ANC on the move, there’s no move without ANC. I have to own them. If I have to choose, I would choose those over Max.
  • Apple Watch Series 6 (no cellular) – I like Watch a lot, I wear it 23 hours per day, mainly for checking the weather.
  • Samsung T7 SSD (two of them actually, both 512) – one is used for Time Machine backup, the second one as an external disk.
  • Lacie HDD (1TB) – this is external backup additional to Time Machine and external backup for T7 mentioned above.


  • Apple Notes, Reminders, Calendar, Mail – basically all Apple’s productivity tools. I don’t feel trapped in the walled garden as long as I can live without those. And I can – I can move to the paper in 5 to 10 minutes. Knowing that, I happily use whatever Tim Cook delivers in one package with hardware. Also, Mail is just fine. It really is. Almost no one needs more complex e-mail app. Believe me.
  • iMessage – my main communicator with family and friends.
  • Signal – for non-Apple friends. Now it has a decent icon, so I stopped thinking about removing it.


  • OVH – Hosting provider of my choice. Three of my websites and one forum are hosted by OVH. I’m happy with it. Data centers are in France. Domains too.
  • iCloud – same story as apps. I use it for files, mail and syncing stuff. I keep all my files there, but I also keep a real backup, so no regrets if Apple kicks me out of the garden.
  • Apple One – TV shows, music, and… that’s it. I buy my movies from iTunes. No other streaming services for me. Occasionally Disney+ if there’s a new Star Wars franchise.
  • Affinity Suite – for all my creative work (DTP, photography, vector). I. Hate. Adobe.
  • Pixelmator and Photomator – for simpler tasks that don’t require Affinity. I can do more with Affinity, but I work faster with these two.
  • NetNewsWire – The best RSS reader in the world. Period. One more. Period.
  • iAWriter – it’s an app for letters, words and sentences. Characters live there.
  • Mona – my Mastodon client for now. That can change at any time.
  • Keynote, Pages, Numbers – I like these apps, when I can I prefer them to Office.
  • MS Office – I hate it. But I have to use it. So I use it and hate it.
  • Diagrams – small app that helps you create simple block diagrams.
  • TimeStory – very simple timelines instead of messy Gantt charts.
  • Zavala – Outliner of my choice. It’s a good one.
  • Final Cut – Sometimes I make movies. Not often.
  • Garage Band – when I need to work with sounds.


That’s about it, really. I see no point in describing my shoes, my wallet, or my clothes. I don’t have a TV or a game console, I don’t use paper notebooks or fountain pens anymore – I used to, but that’s not my world anymore.