Time to share my blogroll. With comments, because comments are important. Almost everyone I follow gives their name on the site, and it’s important for me to put those names here. These are also the names I see in my reader, because I read people, not brands. Some people prefer to publish under a pseudonym, and that’s fine with me. Those are listed below as their pen names.

Here is a downloadable opml file: click here!

Adam NowakRSS
Adam likes blue. And he’s using his website to share his thoughts with the world which is basically why we all blog. Adam writes about technology, but from the human point of view. Also, he shares his personal experience.

Ali Reza HayatiRSS
An entrepreneur, hacker, cypherpunk, and user freedom activist. He writes about technology and society, ethics and social networks, and big techs, but thehuman being is always in center of his thoughts.

Alison WilderRSS
A musician, technologist and entrepreneur. She has an unhealthy obsession with how the brain works, especially with regard to music, and an even unhealthier need to learn by experience.

Ana RodriguesRSS
She’s a front end web developer who’s also interested in design, photography, video, ethics, IndieWeb, sustainability, plants, cooking, privacy, cats, memes, DIY, films, travel, dreams and skin care. I love folks who have so wide horizons.

Andy NicolaidesRSS
Andy writes about… everything. Travels, video games, technology, his musings on life and whatever happens. I really like such eclectic blogs.

Andre FrancaRSS
A personal blog from Andre who writes about things he loves and his thoughts on different topics, specially technology, of which he’s a great enthusiast.

Ben GillamRSS
It’s a relatively new blog with only a few posts, but I like reading Ben’s thoughts and I hope I’ll motivate him to write more. Hello Ben!

Ben SahlmüllerRSS
Ben is German living in Taipei. He is a researcher, independent consultant/coach, and photographer. He’s focusing on psychology and his blog has a lot of photos!

Ben WerdmullerRSS
Let Ben tell about himself – that’s the reason I follow him: “I care deeply about building and cultivating an open, independent web that supports diverse voices and provides a strong platform for everyone to build and innovate. I’ve been an invited expert in W3C working groups and am a participating member of the indieweb community.”

Brandon WritesRSS
He writes about movies, other times technology, sometimes fitness, there is no real theme on his blog, just a normal guy chatting about life.

Brent SimmonsRSS
Brent is the maker of NetNewsWire, the best RSS app available on Apple platform. He is also very nice and clever folk who share his view on the technology and society. His blog isn’t as active as it used to be, but it’s still worth following.

Bryan ManiotakisRSS
Bryan is a product designer and tinkerer with a stoic mind. He writes about technology but with a decent dose of sanity. Also, he’s a nice folk who don’t hesitate to reach out to strangers from the internet. I like it very much.

Bryce WrayRSS
Just an ordinary working guy who, for decades, has used a multitude of computing devices, operating systems, and apps — and learned a few things (and formed more than a few opinions) along the way. He can make complicated things easier to understand, and he tries to do the same on his blog.

Chris JungRSS
The only blog in German that I follow. Chris is awesome folk who send me an e-mail once, and now I follow him. He shares his personal experiences and insights in connection with my anxiety disorder, life wisdom, independence and his thoughts.

Chris JonesRSS
A web developer during the day. He’s been known to listen to music, take photographs, and read books. He loves to hike and travel. It has been said that he doesn’t give himself enough credit, so I’d like to give him credit.

Chris WiegmanRSS
Everyone can check who Chris is on his website, I’m going to tell you that you must follow his thoughts. Chris writes about his life experiences, what’s happening, what he is struggling with and how he’s overcoming it.

Christopher CurtisRSS
Ex-teacher living good live with his wife and… he’s calm and warm and simply a good man. I follow him because of various topics he writes about and his posts are thoughtful and interesting.

Chuck JordanRSS
A writer, programmer, and game designer living in Los Angeles, California.
His blog is an outlet for him to ramble about movies, television, Disney, Star Wars, video games, and computers.

Clayton ErringtonRSS
Clayton’s interested in web design and photography. In addition to his design and photography skills, he has technical expertise in installing and implementing computer systems and designs.

Darren SaundersRSS
Darren has written only two posts, but I hope he’ll write more. I liked what I read.

David NelsonRSS
K-12 sysadmin. Linux, Mac, and some other things. Photographer, Apple enthusiast, and vintage tech admirer in my spare time. David writes mostly about technology.

Denny HenkeRSS
Denny is a web and graphic designer who lives and works in a tine house in the woods. He is a person of many interests (like me!) And I really like his approach to life.

Flamed FuryRSS
Flamed writes about an open web, an old web and an independent web. Plus a lot of his personal thoughts. He has very interesting ideas and we share a lot of point of view.

Francesco PuppoRSS
A UX design manager living in Amsterdam with absolutely amazing website. I think he’s a good UX design manager, judging on his website.

Gareth SouthwellRSS
A writer, illustrator and philosopher who lives in South Wales in the UK.He’s been involved with philosophy for over thirty years, is the author of numerous books on the subject, and has a PhD on the subject of “death”.

Garrit FrankeRSS
A software developer who writes not only about software. A lot of thoughts that I agree with.

Georgie CookeRSS
Georgie is a UI engineer from Sydney. She likes nature, lifting weights, and expressing herself with her style. She writes about travel, intentional living, and mental health.

Gersande La FlecheRSS
Blog about life from a writer and who lives in Montréal. She thinks aloud on writing, dance, books, games, and of course, tea.

Greg MorrisRSS
A designer, marketing manager and business digital development lead for a small insurance company specialising in niche cover. He spent many years developing disability focused policies and helping a wide selection of companies improve their physical accessibility and digital offerings to those that require a bit more help.

Habib ChamRSS
His blog is a new one, although still older than mine. Habib writes about technology, especially about Apple things about independent social media also. He’s a nice folk worth following.

Horace Dediu RSS
An independent business analyst and data analysis expert, he writes a lot about Apple business. Founder of site.

Howard OakleyRSS
Better known as The Eclectic Light Company, Howard writes about Apple tech and an art, especially painting. It’s inspiring to see that there’s no need to limit a blog to one topic.

Ian BetteridgeRSS
I like reading Ian’s weeknotes as much as I like reading his thoughts about technology, journalism and society. Also, he knows how to write, reading his posts is a pleasure.

Ian RobinsonRSS
Ian is a great folk and there’s a lot of reasons to follow him, but if I had to choose one, it would be his weekly music playlists. With links!

Jack BatyRSS
Jack shares a lot. In his blogs you can find thoughts on life, society and technology, you can find a lot about photography and photos themselves. Jack’s thoughts are very inspiring to me and I have learned a lot from him.

James Cridland RSS
Editor of Podnews, the daily podcast newsletter. He is a radio futurologist – a writer, consultant and public speaker on radio’s future. James has worked in audio since 1989 as an award-winning copywriter, radio presenter, and internet strategist.

Jarrod BlundyRSS
Connecting outdoor activities with technology and design? Yes, please. He does it well. Did I mention I love eclectic sites?

Jason KotkeRSS
Daily source of an interesting links. Sometimes hits, sometimes miss, but definitely worth following.

Jason RodriguezRSS
A slightly jaded, somewhat pessimistic—but ultimately hopeful—tech worker.

Jason VelazquezRSS
Man of many hats, a writer, a web developer, a freelancer, an occasional storyteller and a self-taught over-thinker. And he writes about everything.

JF MartinRSS
Oh, this one’s good. He creates a lot, I mean it, a lot, he calls himself a compulsive creator. Mostly tech, but it’s a very various scope of tech talks.

Jenn ShifferRSS
She tells about herself: “I am a community manager, writer and artist with 30 hobbies, 2 computer science degrees and 0 attention span.” What’s more interesting?

Joe BrockmeierRSS
Open source, technology and IndieWeb, so basically everything I like to read about recently. Oh, and also – the name of the blog.

Josh Ginter RSS
Photography, technology and other musings. I like reading what he has to say about technology and I like watching his photos. Strongly recommended.

Joshua WoldRSS
My beloved friend who writes about… well, everything. Joshua’s blog is his journal, he writes what’s happening and what’s he’s thinking, and there’s no special topic and I really like blogs without a special topic.

J.P. WingRSS
Very personal blog written by an extremely nice folk. This is the type of blogs I miss the most.

Keenan SchneiderRSS
A creative folk, who isn’s afraid to share his personal stories, and those are worth reading. The rest also is worth reading. He’s worth reading.

Kev QuirkRSS
Everyone knows Kev, right? He writes mainly about technology, but with more human factor, which is something I look for out there.

Kevin LawverRSS
A web developer who writes about whatever comes to his mind. His blog is a public journal of things he thinks.

Kristi GarboushianRSS
A poet, a writer, she has been in a few places and she’s seen a lot of things. I like her blog because she has those perspectives which I value in people.

Lee Peterson RSS
If you like reading about Apple, you gonna love this blog. I don’t like reading about Apple as much as I used to, but Lee writes well and he is one of the few Apple bloggers I follow.

Leon Paternoster RSS
A blog about the web, The Fall and Ipswich Town Football club, among other things. Oh, and quite minimalistic one.

Lev Lazinskiy RSS
A techie writing about… a lot of non-techie topics, which I absolute like. Plus some technology related stuff. Well, his website is a bit eclectic and everyone loves eclectic sites, right?

Łukasz Olejnik RSS
The only one here in Polish. Łukasz writes about cybersecurity, privacy and stuff.

Manuel Moreale RSS
An Italian web developer who hates cities and loves nature. He writes about open and independent web, about technology, and about people. He writes about people a lot.

Mark HystedRSS
Let’s check his bio… “Engineer by training, project manager by early career.” Hmmm, am I reading about myself?! And he’s into minimalism. I like him.

Mark Levison RSS
Mark writes mostly about work, managing teams and scrum. And as I dislike all agile methodologies, I like what he writes and I agree with most of his thoughts.

Matt JukesRSS
Another public journal, made by a folk who professionally manage digital teams, so there’s something about tech here and there, but mostly a public journal.

Matt OwensRSS
A software engineer, musician, and man with many hobbies. His interests in technology relate to machine learning, self-hosted projects, and the role of technology in social good. Some of those hobbies include cooking, cycling, watching motorsports, and racing cars on the internet.

Matt SteinRSS
Matt is a web designer,developer, and writer. He writes about some technical stuff but also about life. He writes honestly and openly. What’s more he has a secret blog which I leave for you to discover.

Matthew GrayboschRSS
A writer and musician by choice, a programmer by necessity, and a metalhead by the grace of the witch. He currently tinkers with his website, so the feed can be non-functional, but it’s worth checking from time to time, because Matthew writes great posts.

I don’t know his real name, but I like reading his thoughts and I like talking by e-mail. His blog is about technology, and life, and emotions. There’s nothing better than a human point of view.

Mia FaithRSS
A rarely updated blog, which is a huge shame. Mia writes about psychology and experiences. A lot. Beautiful.

Michael Harley RSS
A Power Platform Developer deeply into MS ecosystem which is quite different to Apple stuff I prefer. It’s good to know the other point of view, but what’s more important – Michael writes a public journal. He writes about everything what’s interesting for him.

Michael Tsai RSS
A software developer, an author of a few Mac apps. He writes mainly about Apple.

Mike HaynesRSS
He writes about pixels, code and coffee. He is a Senior Product Designer and hobbyist Front-End Developer.

Mike KreuzerRSS
Mike writes mostly about tech stuff, but with a human factor, which I value a lot. Okay, it must be here for me to follow a tech blogger these days. Mike does it well.

Mike Lapidakis RSS
An AWS Solutions Architect leader living in Colorado. Mike writes about his perspective on technology, the economy, and business.

Mike MorrisRSS
Mike tries to fix the world, tilts at windmills, falls, fails, and writes what he thinks about it all.

Mike RockwellRSS
Mike focuses on Apple products, software, the web, and other geek-related topics.

Minimalistish Sabs RSS
Sabrina shares her journey with minimalism, simple living, mental health awareness sprinkled with motherhood. She’s awesome.

Mijndert StuijRSS
A Senior DevOps Engineer with passion to scaling out infrastructure from 0 to millions of users. He writes mostly about technology, with personal insights added.

Mischa van den BurgRSS
An Azure Cloud Engineer, plant-based runner, recovering addict with 5.5 years of sobriety. He writes about personal interests.

Mykie FrankensteinRSS
Mykie writes too little and too rarely, and writes very cool, so he should write more. If more people follow him, he will probably write more. Ah, his blog is about the technology and music he creates. Because Mykie is a great musician!

Nicholas Magand RSS
A blog where Nicholas writes about his experience with technology and comments on Apple, software, internet, and media news.

Nick HeerRSS
An artist, designer, and front-end developer who writes about… well, art, design and technology.

Nick JordanRSS
He is very interested in the ways in which the Internet is changing the way we work, communicate and play together, and he loves finding cool new online services to play with.

Noisy DeadlinesRSS
“This blog shares uncertain musings, puzzled concerns and reckless remarks about living and carrying on in this frenzied world.” C’mon, everyone knows I love such blogs.

Oliver PifferiRSS
A blog from a convinced -Fanboy, who loves Metal of all kind, Travelling, Photographing, Reading and Blogging.

Ovi LiberRSS
An independent security researcher. He writes about hacking, security research and human rights. He mostly covers advanced persistent threats, hostile governments, surveillance, privacy violations & corporate greed.

Paul McBrideRSS
A software developer and instructor who loves using code to solve problems and bring ideas to life!

Pedro Pinera RSS
A software developer and builder who writes about non-tech stuff like mental health.

Philip Mallegol-HansenRSS
He spents his time on tinkering with new technologies, writing software to scratch some personal itch, contributing to open source software for the public good, or otherwise thinking about how software is changing the world.

Ricardo MoriRSS
Good takes about Apple. Also, Ricardo is a professional writer and translator, his posts are so well written, it’s a pleasure to read them.

Rob MiddletonRSS
An abstract painter, writer & humanist in Jacksonville, Florida. He works to promote emotional wellness for himself & all others

Rob’s tech talk RSS
Rob is a technology enthusiast, writer and occasional programmer. His website is his attempt to share tips and tricks and help people get the most out of their technology. He also have another website, which I’ll describe later.

Ronnie LutesRSS
Ronnie has a podcast and a blog. Everyone should check it out and read the gem that is the post about ancient… well, I won’t spoil it for you. Go and read it yourself.

Ru SinghRSS
A technologists who’s burned with technology and writes more about real life with all its struggles. Definitely worth reading.

Ruben Schade RSS
He is into retrocomputing, writing in coffee shops, anime, and reading stuff about things. He and his girlfriend live for travelling, bubble tea, and drinking bubble tea while travelling.

Scott WillseyRSS
He talks about automation and geekiness for both Mac and iOS platforms – Shortcuts, apps, secret terminal incantations, and more.

Silver HuangRSS
She’s a mentor and a coach for neurodivergent folks, while she’s also neurodivergent she writes about her experiences with life and it’s always good to read someone who see the world in a similar way.

Silvia Maggi RSS
A designer focused on accessibility and usability of products. She shares her own experiences also with products she uses. Her curiosity how things work and why is another reason why it’s worth to follow her.

Simon CollisonRSS
A web and product designer, writer, multimedia artist and musician. He writes about music a lot. I mean it.

Simone MargioRSS
Simone is a software engineer with a good eye for design. He’s also a great folks who cares about others. He writes about technology mostly but with human factor visible. Sometimes he shares something more personal and that’s even better.

Simone SilvestroniRSS
He said once that we’re the same man and I have a proof! We have never met, but we have a lot of common and we see the world in the same way. If you like my blog, you’re going to like his.

Skribe worksRSS
A writer, a film-maker and an actor. Originally from Perth, Australia, currently resides on a tropical island, the Lion City of Singapore. Another folk who name I don’t know.

Steve MakofskyRSS
Steve Makofsky is currently Senior Vice President of Engineering for NBC Universal. I am an alumnus of Nike (VP Engineering) and The Walt Disney Company (VP Technology) and spent the earlier part of his career growing up at Microsoft, Corp and Yahoo!.

Thord D. Hedengren RSS
He’s an author and designer with an entrepreneurial streak with many interests. He’s mostly known for his work in the WordPress community, and for my books on web design and development. He also writes fiction (mostly in Swedish).

Vikrant SinghRSS
Tech blog from Vikrant who lives in Sydney and work in Data and IT for his day job. He writes about a spectrum of topics.

Warner CrockerRSS
Musings on life, the theatre, technology, culture and the occasional emu sighting.

Words from RobRSS
The second website by Rob. This one’s more personal.

Wouter GroeneveldRSS
A baker, a researcher, a programmer and a writer. Oh, and a teacher. He does a lot and writes a lot and everything he writes is worth reading.