Joining the party

Of course I’m joining the latest trend. Unlike the social media trends this one seems healthy – or at least not un-healthy. I’m late to the party.

My defaults are very default, but that’s no surprise for folks who read previous posts or just know me.

  • Backups: Time Machine, manual copy to external disk
  • Blogging: WordPress and iAWriter
  • Bookmarks: Apple Safari
  • Calendar: Apple Calendar
  • Camera: Apple Camera
  • Chat: Apple Messages, Signal
  • Clipboard Manager: n/a
  • Code Editor: n/a
  • Contacts: Apple Contacts
  • File Manager: Finder, Forklift
  • Journaling: plain text files managed by Finder and edited by iAWriter
  • Launcher: Spotlight
  • Mail Client: Apple Mail
  • Mail Server: iCloud
  • Music: Apple Music
  • News: see RSS
  • Notes: Apple Notes
  • Password Management: Apple Keychain
  • Photo Editor: Apple Photos, Pixelmator Pro, Affinity Photo
  • Photo Management: Apple Photos
  • Podcasts: Apple Podcasts but I rarely listen to podcasts
  • RSS: NetNewsWire, no news feeds!
  • Read It Later: Apple Safari Reading List
  • Screenshots: Screenshot, yes, the one built in macOS
  • Search Engine: DuckDuckGo
  • Shopping List: Apple Reminders
  • Social Networking: Mastodon
  • Terminal: Apple Terminal
  • Text Editor: iAWriter, Apple TextEdit
  • Task Manager: Apple Reminders
  • Weather: Apple Weather
  • Web Browser: Apple Safari
  • Word Processing: Apple Pages, MS Word when I really have to
  • Spreadsheets: Apple Numbers, MS Excel
  • Presentations: Apple Keynote, MS PowerPoint

Here without explanation, but it can be found on this blog.