Life update #1

I’ve been silent for a few days now, and I think it will take some time before I’m fully online again. If it ever happens. I am really enjoying my time offline, reading a lot, watching a lot, talking a lot. I really enjoy it. There’s no reason to take me off your RSS reader, this is the place where I will be present, I have something to say and I will do it. But for now I am enjoying my time in seclusion, meditating, reflecting, collecting conclusions and I think when I return I will have something to share.

In the meantime, I’m dealing with my own demons, looking for balance and trying to heal some wounds from the past. I’m on a good path as far as I can see, I hope to find some peace soon.

However, I found a moment and some energy to add three people to the blogroll that I should have added a long time ago.

Oh, and today, for the first time, two posts will not be published on Mastodon.

Enjoy your Sunday morning, afternoon, evening – wherever you are.