Updates, updates

Life updates #2

The last few weeks have been very busy and… quiet at the same time. I’ve been doing some interesting things in my professional life, very interesting and very fulfilling. I’ve enjoyed them and I’m grateful to everyone involved. But it made me rethink my approach to consumption and socialization. I really needed to regenerate and recharge as much as possible to avoid burnout and – which happens quite often when I’m overwhelmed – depression. So I spent a lot of time on self-care and self-maintenance. It worked. It’s still working. Now it’s time to write down some conclusions.

  • I’m going to spend a lot less time on Mastodon than I have in the past.
  • A few people I keep in touch with via email and iMessage are the best community I have ever had.
  • I wish more people were willing to communicate that way.
  • My minimalism helps me stay sane when there’s a lot going on around me.
  • I’m calmer and happier without constant access to the timeline. Any timeline.
  • I read more books, watch more movies, listen to more music. Being offline is nice.
  • Being offline is so nice that I’m going to stay that way more often, well, maybe even permanently for some time, with brief moments of respite.
  • Yes, I’m going to treat being online as a break from my normal state, not the other way around. I’m pretty sure that’s how it should always be.
  • I may even be less active here, I’ve been thinking about what I want to write and publish, and I’ve found that the longer form is my form. That means fewer blog posts, but more in-depth and thoughtful ones.

Website update #1

Well, actually two websites, but I think the other one is definitely less interesting for people reading this.

There are some changes around here. The blog theme has been updated from Twenty twenty three to Twenty twenty four, and yes, I like built-in WordPress themes. The change is significant, at least for me, it’s even simpler, even more minimalist, to the point where some people will complain that it’s too simple for them. Well, it’s my site after all.

Tools update #1

Some minor changes have been made to the uses page. They’re described in the changelog at the bottom of the page. Basically more and more simplification.

Blogroll update #8

Yes, the blogroll has been updated as well. But it’s a shorter update this time.

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Vincent is well known as the author of Scribbles – a new blogging platform. Scribbles is amazing, but Vincent is even more amazing. There’s something about him that makes you want to talk to him, which I highly recommend.