• Coherence and loneliness

    There is no such thing as a human being who hasn’t experienced loneliness. Being human means being lonely, or at least feeling lonely from time to time. I’ve experienced it too, and I’d like to tell you more about it here. Maybe my words will help someone, maybe they’ll disappear into the digital void. Maybe. […] read more

  • Thoughts #9

    Spring is a good time to take a look around. So I had a look around and put a few things in order. Some changes are even visible here. I wrote a few days ago that I had made some updates to the websites, then they were related to the themes, but later I added […] read more

  • Essential

    Sometimes I feel I can’t keep up with the world. There are so many events happening at any given moment, so many experiences waiting to happen, so many things begging for my attention. And I tend to ignore them all. I got good at ignoring things, otherwise I would have gone mad years ago. T […] read more

  • Updates, updates

    Life updates #2 The last few weeks have been very busy and… quiet at the same time. I’ve been doing some interesting things in my professional life, very interesting and very fulfilling. I’ve enjoyed them and I’m grateful to everyone involved. But it made me rethink my approach to consumption and socialization. I really needed […] read more

  • Life update #1

    I’ve been silent for a few days now, and I think it will take some time before I’m fully online again. If it ever happens. I am really enjoying my time offline, reading a lot, watching a lot, talking a lot. I really enjoy it. There’s no reason to take me off your RSS reader, […] read more

  • Blogroll update #8

    Another update. As always, the complete list here: links Twelve Reasons Why – RSS …by Bear. Oh, he’s lovely folk, with a lot of life experience and with unique attitude. One must read him. Tom Doe – RSS I met Tom when I found his project collecting all the blogroll pages in one place. He […] read more

  • Journey

    There is a moment in everyone’s life when they realise that life is not always easy and beautiful. For me it came early. I have been through a lot and I know people who have been through even more. And I don’t know many people who have had absolutely terrible experiences. But the point of […] read more

  • Shortcuts and automation

    Some time ago I started thinking about how I could use Apple’s Shortcut application to automate some things I do regularly. I looked at some of the biggest galleries with shortcuts and hoped to find something I could use. But every time I did, I thought it’s too much for me. My idea of minimalism […] read more

  • Connection

    Relationships have always been difficult for me. All relationships start with meeting someone new, and that’s the part that scares me the most. Later it’s easier, not easy, just easier. But like all of us, I also need to feel connected to someone, to a group of people who share my values and beliefs. It’s […] read more

  • Blogroll update #7

    Who said I couldn’t do it day by day and with fewer blogs? Nobody, so here is a very short update. As always, the complete list here: links Denny Henke – RSS Denny is a web and graphic designer who lives and works in a tine house in the woods. He is a person of […] read more

  • Blogroll update #6

    Another update. As always, the complete list here: links Matt Stein – RSS Matt is a web designer,developer, and writer. He writes about some technical stuff but also about life. He writes honestly and openly. What’s more he has a secret blog which I leave for you to discover. Georgie Cooke – RSS Georgie is […] read more

  • Novelty world

    We’re navigating through a world where everything is new. I’ve heard the words “everything has already happened” once or twice, but I don’t think that’s true. I have also heard that history likes to repeat itself. I’m starting to think that it’s something created by old politicians and company presidents telling us that we have […] read more

  • Defaults

    My approach to tools has been a topic of this blog a few times. It’s also no secret that I mostly use the default tools. I even participated in the blogging game called defaults. 1 The post gives a picture what I use, now is time to tell why. Some people have told me that […] read more

  • Misfits

    The human need, the human reflex is to be part of a community. I’m no different. But society expects that in order to be part of the community, one has to meet certain standards and norms. If one cannot meet those standards, one becomes an outsider. And I couldn’t met those standards. I wanted, I […] read more

  • Far but close

    On my way through the life I’ve met many people, but only few I called my friends. I was always struggling with big words and such definite declarations. Among those who I called that, many are gone. Some are gone because they weren’t really friends, some are gone because I made mistakes. I would have […] read more

  • People, not tools

    Tools have been with humankind since the beginning of time. We have developed our civilization with tools. We’ve used them for eons, we’ve invented new tools when the old ones weren’t enough. Innovation and invention are part of our history, sometimes bright, sometimes very dark, but it has always been us who have used the […] read more

  • Silence and space

    Some time ago in another blog post I touched briefly my life philosophy. I mentioned “going lightly” in context of being always ready to go. But that’s not all at all. It’s something very important for me, very precious to my heart. It also has a wide meaning which can be sorted into three categories: […] read more

  • Blogroll update #5

    Another update. As always, the complete list here: links I also made a downloadable opal file, which is here and on the links page. Mia Faith – RSSA rarely updated blog, which is a huge shame. Mia writes about psychology and experiences. A lot. Beautiful. Gersande La Fleche – RSSBlog about life from a writer […] read more

  • About me

    For a long time, I have been thinking about how I would like to describe myself – here and in the few socials I am in. Today I have finally expressed what I wanted to say. Below are a long overdue few words about me. They will also be on the about page and in […] read more

  • Moments

    Sometimes there are days and weeks when I want to be alone. The reasons are different, depending on my state of mind, but the results are similar. A lot of thinking and some conclusions about things I need to change in my life. Things I want to change. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about […] read more