• Healing

    Wounds become scars and scars become memories. Distant memories of the past me. Everything in life will pass, whether I like it or not. Good things will pass and I will miss them, and bad things will pass and I will remember them. Everything will change. Every change will leave a mark, a trace of […] read more

  • Vulnerability and sensitivity

    There was a time when I wanted to be somebody else. There was a time when I didn’t like who I was. There was a time when I thought I was lost. And I was. Maybe I still am, one can never be sure. That’s the whole idea of being lost, when we know we’re […] read more

  • Blogroll update #4

    It took me longer than I expected but here it is: another blogroll update. As always, the complete list here: links Ronnie Lutes – RSSRonnie has a podcast and a blog. Everyone should check it out and read the gem that is the post about ancient… well, I won’t spoil it for you. Go and […] read more

  • Chris, get back to me!

    This is a very unusual post, but… Dear Chris, I know you’ll eventually find this in your RSS reader, I’m trying to send you the promised email and I’m getting a reply from your server that it can’t be delivered. Get back to me! For the rest of you – yes, this is the reason […] read more

  • Imperfect

    No one can be as hard on me as I am on myself. It has always been that way. As far back as I can remember I had high standards and expectations for myself. Maybe it started in my childhood, maybe a bit later, it doesn’t matter now. What matters is the fact, that I’m […] read more

  • Thoughts #8

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  • Me. And the internet.

    Sometimes I feel bored. I’d like to scroll any timeline, just to spend time on something mindless. I can’t do that. There’s nothing I can scroll. I have left every social platform where I could potentially scroll anything. But this post isn’t about leaving social media, many words have been written and many stories have […] read more

  • Blogroll update #3

    A few blogs have been added to my reader. The complete list of course here: links Mike Kreuzer – RSSMike writes mostly about tech stuff, but with a human factor, which I value a lot. Okay, it must be here for me to follow a tech blogger these days. Mike does it well. Chuck Jordan […] read more

  • Simplicity

    Every time I read about a new tool that promises to solve an existing problem, I start thinking about the problem itself. Every time I do, I come to the conclusion that the problem shouldn’t exist in the first place. We have robust filtering systems in email services to deal with unwanted emails. We build […] read more

  • Blogroll update #2

    Another portion of feeds added to my reader. The complete list of course here: https://www.michalzelazny.com/links/ Adam Douglas – RSSA technology enthusiast with over 30 years of computer science experience, specialized in DevOps for companies and individuals across North America and Europe. He regularly makes a very interesting collections of links. Bix Frankonis – RSSLet’s let […] read more

  • Community

    Being a part of something bigger is a human trait. Once, we had our local communities. These were limited to people we knew personally and who probably lived nearby. We hadn’t had a much choice, we liked those who were around us and we tried to build relationships with our neighbors and colleagues from schools, […] read more

  • Blogroll update #1

    I updated my links page today, about 30 new feeds have been added. I’m not cruel, so you’ll only find the ones I’ve added below. The full list can be found here: https://www.michalzelazny.com/links/ Alison Wilder – RSSA musician, technologist and entrepreneur. She has an unhealthy obsession with how the brain works, especially with regard to […] read more

  • Anger

    We believed. Everything they said, we believed. Some of us for a brief moment, some of us still believe. They lied. They promised us the paradise lost. They promised us peace, they promised us love, they promised no one will ever be hungry, scared, homeless. They promised no one will ever be alone. Now we […] read more

  • Blogroll

    I’ve done it. I have another page here, and it’s called links, and it’s basically a blogroll, with comments, of course. It’s here: links. Sorted alphabetically. Small update, by the way: I’ll be working on the design of the site soon. Nothing big, but there are a few things I’d like to polish up, but […] read more

  • Summaries, plans

    Everyone does a yearly summary, a lot of people do them publicly. I didn’t have a plan to do mine, I still have very mixed feelings about these posts with summaries and plans. 31 December or 1 January are the same days as the other 363 days of the year. But I’m going to do […] read more

  • Updates

    The end of the year is a time when I usually take a few days off and try to rest and regenerate. That’s the first factor why I’ll be less active here. The second is that I’ve got COVID. Also a year after the last time. I feel like shit and I’m also angry because […] read more

  • Thoughts #7

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  • Gone

    What’s gone is gone. No matter how hard I try to change this fact, it’s gone. It’s not an easy thing to accept this and let it go. Some things are gone and one can do nothing about them. Gone are years of youth and innocence. The last few years have been brutal, personally, professionally, […] read more

  • Thoughts #6

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  • Balance

    The joy is gone and the shadow has come. Everything suddenly lost its colour. Things that brought happiness became a burden. In an instant. Well, maybe it took a few days. But nothing has changed. Reality hasn’t changed. That’s the most overwhelming part of it. The shadow that covers the mind, while the mind still […] read more